CEREALS VALUE CHAIN: Tiger and SPEAK youth groups in Nakuru and Kilifi Counties respectively, benefitted from life changing capacity building programs for their businesses…

In two distinct regions in Kenya, high youth unemployment,  as well as the ever-present threat of food insecurity, we encouraged two youth groups to take action. Tiger Group  and SPEAK youth groups are located in Nakuru East and  Kilifi South respectively, and both are working to produce, process and sell cereals. With the support of the Vijabiz project, enriching cereal products has provided more sustainable employment for the youth.

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At Umoja Youth Group in Kilifi, it was about building a brand through young agri-preneurship

USTADI foundation and CTA’s programs and activities aim to enable youth groups to have skills and resources to build a better future for their agri businesses and themselves.

In the Vijabiz project, one of the key ways in which we do this is through investing in long term, actively managed programs and trainings that empower the youth groups and increase their access to opportunity.

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Vijabiz is stepping up young women’s economic empowerment

Through new agribusiness knowledge and skills

…Vijabiz shines the brightest light on some of the women in rural areas and whose empowerment in agribusiness is bringing the farthest left behind to the forefront of being the prime beneficiaries and drivers of sustainable businesses in the sector. Meet three women youth groups who are empowering women to venture into the sector. The women beneficiaries tell their own stories of how the project gave them a voice, improved their choices and most importantly, what difference it made to their lives, families and communities…

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