Why Become A Partner?

We match your Projects.

We frequently offer campaigns with matching projects for our working Youth and Women Groups and help them get the maximum necessary support to increase the implement the projects.

We Crowdfund Source for you

Through our network sources for funding to help implement satisfying youth projects presents to us. T&C Apply.

Training and support.

We offer support both financial and both Physical and Virtual training’s, and one-on-one support to help every group registered with us get their projects running.

We help CBOs and Companies give well.

We partner with some of the largest companies and the grassroots community based organizations in and outside Kenya to develop customized empowerment programs.

We’re quick and prompt.

We’re well-positioned to respond quickly after natural disasters, and pandemics we’re committed to supporting recovery for the long haul.

We help Youths become more effective.

Making the Youth an asset other than a liability. With the overwhelming number of Youth, Partners Against Hunger works with Youth to make them most effective in their own spaces to live satisfying lives.

Projects you can trust.

We fully vet every Youth and Women groups in our community. We’ve even conducted site visits for most of these groups and CBOs even those in the remote areas of Kenya!